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Rock Creek Falls ~ El Dorado County

I guess i’ll continue the waterfall kick…this is Rock Creek Falls just outside of Georgetown. I attempted to hike this last year with my big Chocolate Lab Koa. I didn’t have the best directions, but I figured I would wing it anyway. I somehow managed to make my way down the One Eye Creek Trail to the river. Once down there, I decided to hike up stream (big mistake) to try and find the waterfall. Anyway, long story short, I got lost and made it back to my car right before sunset, wet and freezing cold.
Despite the terrible experience, I really wanted to see this waterfall.

So, on Saturday morning I sent Adam a text to see if he wanted to attempt Rock Creek Falls with me. Armed with good directions and a hiking GPS we easily made it down to the waterfall. Rock Creek Falls is a beauty! Not super tall, but very wide.

Rock Creek Falls

Rock Creek Falls


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